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TAXIHOTEL.EU is a dispatching taxi operator. You just tell us (by phone, by e-mail or through online form) where you want to go by taxi and we will send a vehicle to you. Of course, we also accept reservations for a specific date in the future.
We can also arrange for you a hotel booking if you need an overnight stay (online hotel booking).
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Inside the city Sezana: 4 EUR

From Sezana / Lipica to:
TRIESTE... from 20 EUR onwards
LJUBLJANA... from 80 EUR onwards
SLOVENIAN COAST... from 40 EUR onwards
POSTOJNA... from 30 EUR onwards
TRIESTE AIRPORT... from 45 EUR onwards
(or inversely)

From Postojna to:
LJUBLJANA... from 55 EUR onwards
SLOVENIAN COAST... from 55 EUR onwards
TRIESTE... from 45 EUR onwards
LJUBLJANA AIRPORT... from 75 EUR onwards
(or inversely)

From Stanjel / Komen to:
LJUBLJANA... from 100 EUR onwards
TRIESTE... from 40 EUR onwards
PIRAN... from 80 EUR onwards
SEZANA... from 20 EUR onwards
(or inversely)

From Slovenian Coast to:
TRIESTE... from 25 EUR onwards
MARIBOR... from 250 EUR onwards
POSTOJNA CAVES... from 55 EUR onwards
PULA... from 125 EUR onwards
(or inversely)

From Hrpelje-Kozina to:
TRIESTE... from 30 EUR onwards
SEŽANA... from 20 EUR onwards
KOPER... from 40 EUR onwards
LJUBLJANA... from 90 EUR onwards
(or inversely)

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